Schick Push

Ordering is really that simple

Schick's smart ordering system for our ammonia customers in Germany is integrated into your supply system through a small control box with an antenna. It facilitates automatic and uncomplicated ammonia ordering. Your plant’s security of supply is greatly increased and the ordering process has never been easier for you.

Your benefits

  • Time saving through automated processes.
  • Increased security of supply.
  • Independent of the company network.

How it works

Empty message of the plant

Initiation of the order

Processing by Schick

Delivery by Schick

Choose between



Each order must be released by pushing a button.


No release required.

Technical data Version A + B
Scope of delivery: 230V wall-mounted housing for connection to an existing control cabinet, operating element, omni-directional antenna incl. 5m connection cable, can be extended up to 10m
Dimensions control cabinet HxWxD: 300x400x155 mm
Dimensions control element HxW: 154x85 mm
Protection class: IP65
Mobile communication standard: GSM
Data Shipping: by mail (optional extension SMS notification possible) up to 20 contacts can be stored.
Technical data Version A Version B
Button on control element: 1x button "Send test email"
1x key switch "Revision On/Off
1X indicator light "Email sent"
1x indicator light "Gas request"
1x button "Delete request"
1x button "Initiate order"
1x button "Send test email"
1x key switch "Revision On/Off
1X indicator light "Email sent"
Order release: each order must be released at the press of a button no release required

For Schick Push you simply need:

A SIM card with data plan

(Mobile communication standard: GSM, to be provided by the customer)

An automatic switchover

in your ammonia supply plant

A site with good reception

as close as possible to your plant control cabinet

Download area

Here you will find all safety data sheets and important information as download (PDF)

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