Chlorine liquid (Cl2) Quality 2.8

Delivery sizes and quality

Schick supplies chlorine in quality 2.8; this corresponds to a purity of 99.8%.


52 l / 65 kg
Side connection:
according to DIN 477 No. 8 1" right-hand, with outer thread

Pressure drum

400 l / 500 kg
Side connection:
according to British Standard 84, W 1¼" right-hand, with outer thread

Additional delivery sizes as well as the filling of customer's own pressure vessels on request.


  • Disinfection of drinking water and of water in swimming pools
  • Production of diverse inorganic and organic compounds in the chemical industry

Physical properties

Chlorine is an incombustible, yellow-green, poisonous, suffocating smelling gas. It is very reactive. Pure, dry chlorine does not attack iron. Liquid chlorine is not water-miscible.
One litre of water dissolves only 14.5g of chlorine at 273K. In other words, approx. 4.5 litres of chlorine gas, at 293 K only 7.3g = 2.3 litres of chlorine gas.

Chlorine is mainly generated by electrolytic decomposition of sodium chloride or potassium chloride.

SICO®-TEST C leak detection agent for lines carrying Cl2

When SICO® -TEST C encounters chlorine, a white mist develops. This means even the smallest leaks can be detected.

Download area

Here you will find all safety data sheets and important information as download (PDF)

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